Snakes & Ladders Game Online Lite - Snakes & Ladders board game also known as \

Snakes & Ladders Game Online Lite iOS App  

Rating: Rated 4+
Platform: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Date Published: Feb 25, 2017
App Version: 9.40
Language(s): Language: English
Author: Roksana Ferdous

Application Description:
Snakes & Ladders board game also known as "Chutes and Ladders" in the United states. It can be played by up to four players. Each player race their token from start to finish according to dice rolls along a path. A player's score decreases if he/she lands on a grid where there is a Snake and a player's score increases if he/she lands on a grid where there is a Ladder. Snakes & Ladders game is a bit like the dice based Ludo board game.

* Play Snakes & Ladders game against A.I
* Play Online via Game Center
* Play via Bluetooth with nearby iOS devices
* Snakes & Ladders can be played by up to 4 players offline
* 6 different Snakes and Ladders HD board
* In-App iPod Music Player (iPod music library access)
* Sound effects: dice roll, piano music, bitten by snake, climbing ladder
* Snakes & Ladders Game Center - Leaderboard & Achievement
* Intuitive and easy to use User Interface
* Start a new Snakes & Ladders game anytime
* Load a saved board game
* Facebook & Twitter integration for sharing game information
* Snakes and Ladders board game rules for reference
* Auto-Saves a game

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