Talking Dog (Duke) 2 - Fun Baby Doggie Pup Poodle Friend - \

Talking Dog (Duke) 2 - Fun Baby Doggie Pup Poodle Friend iOS App  

Rating: Rated 9+ f
Platform: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Date Published: Jul 09, 2015
App Version: 5.4
Language(s): English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, It
Author: Cloudburst Games, LLC

Application Description:
"Get amused and occupied for hours!"- AlphaDigits
"Duke Brings the Funny to iOS"- TheiPhoneappreview
"Amazing graphics, funny voices"- Apps400

Duke is livin’ the sweet life now. This means there is mischief to encounter while home alone and Duke is the perfect dog to sniff it out. With your help watch the comedy unfold as a talking Dog takes charge of an empty house.

Help Duke show off his personality with accessories any talking dog would like to rock.

Need more Gold Coins for more accessories? Duke will give you Free Gold Coins, join the Buds Club. Once in a Buddy you will have access to even more cute shenanigans from Duke and his friends.

Have Fun!

? Record your own sessions with Duke, share them on Facebook & YouTube, send them by email or save them to your library. Share the dog with your voice using MMS messaging video.

See the fun unfold when you:

? Dog starts dishwasher?!
? Squirt ketchup
? Play dead
? Dog using toothpaste?!
? Break glass
? Get even with cat
? More...
? And… Don't Forget to Talk to Duke and He'll Repeat What You Say!

Nearly instant compression for video recording on iPhone 4S, iPod 5, & iPad 2 or better. Now Duke 2 is useful as a messaging tool. 5 minute video recording max for newer devices.

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